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Fashion jewellery Jablonec nad Nisou

BIJOUX TREND CZ s.r.o. - New trends of jewellery production

Welcome to the sales web of company BIJOUX TREND CZ,  manufacturer of fashion jewelry. Since 2007 we have our online store jewelry store e enriched by many original and classic jewelry rhinestone fashion jewells.  Manufacture of jewelry is our hobby and than we are disappointed when we see the replacement of quality fashion jewells from Jablonec nad Nisou, cheap Asian jewelry. We are involved in the project of the Association of Producers of glass and jewells - jewells mark MADE IN JABLONEC. The original mark for jewells is not only protection and assurance of quality jewelry,  but it is especially the pressure on the quality of our products and services. More information about the jewelry trade mark can be found in our news and the documents downloaded from our Web site. Recently we have prepared a range of crystal jewells and gifts Preciosa. Take advantage of the opportunity to buy silver jewelry and jewelry sets in for a better price.

Our target is to produce fashion jewellery new way which is cheaper and faster, by using brand new technologies. These technologies are providing us with new industrial possibilities in production of semi-finished products of fashion jewellery as well as final products of fashion jewellery.

New fashion jewels for June 2011

New fashion jewels for June 2011

With the new jewelry designs, we crossed the magic threshold of 2,000 different patterns, color variations and combinations of our jewelry in sets in our online store. We hope that the new earring... more ...
Nová kategorie se šperky - Brože bižuterie

Nová kategorie se šperky - Brože bižuterie

Na náš internetový obchod se šperky - šperky bižuterie e-shop, jsme vystavili další novou kategorii se šperky - brože. Doufáme, že Vás naše brože bižuterie zaujmou a budete je rádi nosit. Když budete ... more ...
New collections

New collections

Na náš internetový obchod se šperky - šperky bižuterie e-shop, jsme vystavili další novou kategorii se šperky - brože. Doufáme, že Vás naše brože bižuterie zaujmou a budete je rádi nosit. Když budete ... more ...
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This gives us a chance to keep up with cheaply producing Asian companies of fashion jewellery and often we are even ahead of them not only in low cost but also in quality and innovation of fashion jewellery. Our company will "play" with the jewellery products using our new technologies and as result we will offer you always new possibilities, new options and new ways - TRENDS of bijoux jewellery.

To put all of our ideas and visions into practice at once is currently not possible for us, nor technologically neither financially, therefore we started with a type of  Czech jewellery called Strass jewellery and wedding  jewellery.

We will tackle the application of new technologies into all types of production step by step and we will introduce our brand new products in our jewellery catalogue which will also have  jewellery on-line shop. You can also download our catalogue  in PDF format free.

If you have your own ideas, suggestions or proposals, we can help you with their technological implementations. We care for further development of jewellery production in our district and we would like to contribute to this regions (ex. Jablonecká Bižuterie) already well known reputation in jewellery making which we are very proud of.


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